Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Google Classroom Orientation

For those who want a refresher on Google Classroom and Google Workspace, here is our old Orientation Video for AY 2020-2021. 

The changes from the video last year are:

1. G Suite is now called Google Workspace.
2. Your Workspace Account is personalized and uses the domain @cdsa.edu.ph (not @cdsa.org.ph). 
3. You still have plenty of cloud storage* via Google Drive. Google Mail is now functional and you may use your CDSA Workspace Account to send and receive email.
4. Your Workspace Account is active for as long as you are enrolled in CDSA. 
5. CDSA's Blog is www.taguigcdsa.blogspot.com. CDSA's website is www.cdsa.edu.ph.
6. CDSA's email support address for Google Workspace Accounts (CDSA Students only) is onlinesupport@cdsa.edu.ph.

*Previously, Google Drive for Education Accounts had unlimited storage. Now, 100TB is shared throughout the organization's accounts. That's still more than enough for school use. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

How to Unenroll your previous Classes/Subjects

You can use your CDSA Workspace Accounts for as long as you are a student of CDSA. As such, each year, you may need to unenroll your subjects of the previous year (unless your teacher has unenrolled you first). Here are the steps on how to unenroll your previous year's classes/subjects.

G Suite is now Google Workspace!

 G Suite is now called Google Workspace, after numerous improvements to the service which were contributed by users worldwide. Many organizations used G Suite for their online collaborations and activites, and they gave Google the valuable feedbacks and suggestions for improving the service.

CDSA also underwent significant changes with its Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals account. This includes the change of domain to @cdsa.edu.ph. Also, students' accounts are now personalized. They still have access to unlimited cloud storage via Google Drive, and now they can use their Workspace account to send and receive email via Google Mail (GMail).

Here at CDSA, you can be sure that we are abreast with the current trends in IT!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Google Meet - Join a Google Meet conference using a Meeting Link

There are instances wherein your teacher may send you a Google Meet link on your class GC. A Google Meet Meeting Link may be used outside of the G Suite for Education organization, but participants are required to have at least a GMail Account for them to be able to join.

Here's how to join a Google Meet video conference using that link.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Google Meet - Join a Google Meet conference for Synchronous Online Consultations

Google Meet is part of the G Suite Apps collection. It is used for video conferencing. With your G Suite Account, your teacher can meet with you and your classmates for online discussions and consultations.

One way to join a Google Meet conference is by using a Google Meet code or nickname. Another way to join a Google Meet conference is through a shared link. Your teacher may share a Google Meet link in your class' GC, especially if your teacher hasn't created a Class yet on Google Classroom, or if the teacher opted not to use Google Classroom at all. 

Third way of joining a Google Meet conference is through a link in your Class banner. If your teacher has an active Class in Google Classroom, Google Meet is fully integrated with it. Follow these steps to join a Google Meet meeting using your G Suite Account on Google Classroom.