Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Google Meet - Join a Google Meet conference using a Meeting Link

There are instances wherein your teacher may send you a Google Meet link on your class GC. A Google Meet Meeting Link may be used outside of the G Suite for Education organization, but participants are required to have at least a GMail Account for them to be able to join.

Here's how to join a Google Meet video conference using that link.

1. Go to your class GC and click on the link that was given to you (if it is a screenshot, just manually type the link on a new browser tab or window.

2. A new window will open up, it may ask you to sign in if your browser is not saving logins. If you already have your G Suite account, use it to sign in, otherwise use your Personal GMail email account.

3. Once you've entered your account email (or G Suite ID) and password, you will be directed to this screen. Click "Allow" to use your microphone and camera, and then you click Join Now if you have signed in using your G Suite Account. If you are using a Personal GMail Account, wait for the teacher to accept you.

4. For mobile devices, be sure to download the Google Meet app.

Always check your teacher's announcements for your video consultations and the platform you are going to use, either through GC, or on your subject's Google Classroom class page.

Stay Safe and Stay FOCUS Ananians!

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