Thursday, June 25, 2015


God is good! All the time! Jesus Christ! My Lord and My God! Holy Spirit! My Advocate and Helper! Dearest Parents, Teachers, non-teaching personnel, pupils and students, Good morning! In behalf of Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara, DD, our BOT Chair and Fr. Orlindo OrdoƱa, our PaDSS Superintendent, I warmly welcome each one of you. Thank you for choosing Colegio De Santa Ana as your school. This is your second home and all teachers and non-teaching personnel are your second parents. We are all here for you. For the old students, welcome and let us show our new pupils/students that we care for each other. Let us give them a warm applause.

Let me share with you my Principle and Philosophy of Education. The first is this: "I believe in the uniqueness of every individual person." The key word is uniqueness. This means more than being rare... As Philippine Eagle is rare because there are fewer than 250 in the wild. Uniqueness means there is only one in the entire world... Sa Filipino pa, "walang kaparis kahit pumunta ka pa sa Paris". Just look at the person on your right and on your left, tingnan nyo ang kanyang mukha... ang kanyang buhok... ang kanyang noo.. ang kanyang mata... ang kanyang ilong... ang kanyang bibig... Iisa lang ang taong iyan, wala ng pwedeng pumalit diyan... Sabi nga, "Each person is God's masterpiece that He will never repeat again."

What are the implications of this principle?

1. Because you are unique, therefore you are valuable. You are more valuable than all the wealth in the world. You are valuable than all the technologies in the world. Be proud of your uniqueness!

2. Do not compare yourself with others. Comparison often leads to feeling of superiority or inferiority, both are not good feelings. Rather, discover your uniqueness and be proud that you are different.

3. Discover your talents and work on them. Some talents are inherited from parents; some are cultivated and learned. Be proud of your talents.

4. Make your own life project and never copy from others. You will not be judged by the life project of others. You will be judged according to your life project. Be proud of your own life project.

5. Value the uniqueness of others. They are potential friends, potential teachers, and potential allies. Be proud of the people around you.

6. Practice the elevator principle: bring people up instead of bringing people down (john Maxwell)... Practice the art of affirmation... Express your support and encouragement. A simple can light a person's heart. A simple greeting can inspire a person to greet in return. A simple tap on the shoulder can mean so much to a person in need of encouragement. A simple text message can save a life of a person on the verge of despair. Be proud that you are able to affirm others!

7. Remember always, you are unique and so every person around you. Respect them and love them and you will not be lacking in friends!

God bless!

Rev. Fr. Orlando B. Cantillon
School Director

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