Monday, January 20, 2020

Admission is now ongoing for SY 2020-2021


  1. Hello Good day! My name is Gina. Im a graduate of SAPS year1993. I am planning to transfer my son from St Francis to St Anne . Hes currently on his 7th grade. I'd like him to start his 8th grade there. Here are my inquiries:
    1.if there is an exam, when can he take it?
    2. How much is the fee for the entrance exam?
    3. How much is the tuition fees and books for grade 8
    4. Can u send me the breakdown of fees monthly/quarterly and yearly?
    5 lastly, is there a discount for having my son study there if the mom is an alumni who studied from grade 1 to 4th yr highschoool?
    I would appreciate a response. Pls email me at
    Thank you and more power.'Gina D Manongdo

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  3. When is the application for new students?