Sunday, August 16, 2020

G Suite Account - Trouble logging in to Classroom or its associated apps? Check your browser's current account.

Your computer at home may be used by your parents or siblings. They may have a current login of their personal GMail account, which is actually what we call a Personal Google Account.

It is always good practice to check who's account is currently signed in on your computer's Internet browser. Check out if a Personal Google Account is logged in to your browser by doing this simple step:

1. Open your browser (Chrome is the recommended browser for G Suite Apps). Go to if your home screen is otherwise.

At the upper right corner, check if there is any logo to the right of the Grid Menu.  On the picture below, there is none, so no Personal Google Account is currently logged in, and you can proceed to the G Suite App you are going to use (Google Classroom, Google Drive, etc.) and log in your credentials from there.

2. The picture below, however, shows a red logo with a letter (the initial of the Google Account currently logged in). This means that your browser is saving logins. When you go to Classroom or any G Suite or Google App (like GMail), it will use the current login. If you are going to use this browser for Google Classroom using our G Suite Account, you need to sign out of this current user's account. REMINDER: If it is your parents' or sibling's account, ask their permission first.  Otherwise, you may add your own G Suite account alongside these other logins.

3. Click the Account Button (the logo at the right of the Grid Menu), and a drop down menu will appear. Click "Sign Out" or "Add another account." If you click "Add another account", it will ask for your login credentials.
4. If it shows the CDSA logo, then you have successfully logged in using your G Suite Account. You may now proceed to using Google Classroom and its associated apps. If this is your first time logging in, follow the procedures as demonstrated on our Google Classroom Orientation video in our Official Facebook Page.

Also, always sign out your account after your sessions. Stay safe, stay FOCUS Ananians!

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