Monday, August 17, 2020

Google Classroom - Sign in on a Mobile Device

You can use your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to access Google Classroom and G Suite apps. First, you need to download the following:

- Google Classroom
- Google Drive
- Google Meet
- Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Slides

These can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices, and Play Store for Android devices.

Then, follow these steps:

1. Click your downloaded Google Classroom app. When this screen shows, touch the "Get Started" button.

2. If you are instantly shown to the Classroom homepage (or Class Card page, as shown below), it may have used your device's Google account to sign in (especially for Android Devices). To verify, touch the Account button (as pointed by the arrow).

A popup menu will appear. It will show the current account logged in. If it is not your G Suite account, you can touch "Sign out" (REMINDER: Ask permission first from the account owner) or  you can choose "Add another account".

3. Sign in using your CDSA G Suite Account and press "Next". Type the password and press "Next".

If this is your first time signing in using your G Suite Account, you will be asked to change the temporary password.

4. On this welcome screen, read Google's terms and conditions and press "Agree".

5. Welcome to your Classroom homepage (or class card page). Familiarize yourself with the buttons available in the mobile version of Google Classroom:

            1. Main Menu (The Hamburger Button) - for switching classes
            2. Account Button - to sign out or switch accounts
            3. Refresh button - to refresh your page
            4. Add (or Plus) Button - add classes

Detailed descriptions for these buttons are the same as those for the desktop version. For more info, refer to our Google Classroom Demonstration video on Facebook.

Stay Safe and Stay FOCUS Ananians!

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