Monday, August 17, 2020

Google Meet - Join a Google Meet conference for Synchronous Online Consultations

Google Meet is part of the G Suite Apps collection. It is used for video conferencing. With your G Suite Account, your teacher can meet with you and your classmates for online discussions and consultations.

One way to join a Google Meet conference is by using a Google Meet code or nickname. Another way to join a Google Meet conference is through a shared link. Your teacher may share a Google Meet link in your class' GC, especially if your teacher hasn't created a Class yet on Google Classroom, or if the teacher opted not to use Google Classroom at all. 

Third way of joining a Google Meet conference is through a link in your Class banner. If your teacher has an active Class in Google Classroom, Google Meet is fully integrated with it. Follow these steps to join a Google Meet meeting using your G Suite Account on Google Classroom.

1. First, log in to Google Classroom using your CDSA G Suite Account.

2. Click on the Class Card of the subject that you are scheduled to have an online consultation.

3. On the banner you will see a Google Meet link, just click on in. 

4. If the teacher is not yet online, you will get an error message. However, if the teacher is already waiting for you and your classmates to join the meeting, you will see this page if this is your first time using Google Meet on your browser (of if you are always using Incognito or Private Mode). Click "Allow" at the upper left to give access to your device's microphone and camera.

Then, once you see this screen, click "Join Now" and you will be directed to your video conference.

That's it! This only works if your teacher has enabled the Meeting Link for your Class. The teacher may otherwise give you a meeting nickname that you need to enter via, or on the Google Meet on your mobile device.

Stay safe and Stay FOCUS Ananians!

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