Monday, August 17, 2020

Google Meet - Join a Google Meet conference using a Meet Code or Nickname

Google Meet is Google's video conferencing app. It is part of G Suite for Education and every CDSA Student will be given an account to be used for online learning. 

Google Meet is integrated with Google Classroom. A link is provided for every Class. However, you can join a Google Meet meeting using a code or Meeting Nickname.

If your teacher has given you a Google Meet Nickname, follow these steps to join a Google Meet meeting:

1. Type on your browser.

2. On this screen, click Sign-in

3. Type your G Suite Account (if this is your first time to sign in your G Suite Account, please watch our Google Classroom demo on Facebook for first time G Suite users).

4. Type your password 

5. This is Google Meet's home page. Verify that you are logged in to the correct account by looking at the upper right corner. If it shows the logo of CDSA, then you are signed in to your G Suite Account and you can join your teacher's meeting by entering the given meeting code or nickname on the box that says "Use a meeting code" and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Your G Suite account is not allowed to create a meeting, you can only join a meeting that is made or scheduled by your teacher. If you need to join a meeting that is hosted outside of CDSA, you need to log out of your CDSA G Suite account and use your own or personal Google Account (GMail account).

Stay Safe and Stay FOCUS Ananians!

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